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  • Label Free  - JAKARTA FAIR 2015

    Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) or Jakarta Fair was first held in Monas on 5 June to 20 July 1968 and opened by President Soeharto   The idea was first conceived by Syamsudin Mangan, better known by the name of Haji Mangan at the time served as the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Comme

    rce and Industry), which proposes a major exhibition to enhance the marketing of domestic production that was then being started to rise after the G-30/1965 to Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin which is held by or known by Bang Ali in 1967   The Jakarta administration issued a Local Regulation No. 8

    of 1968 stipulates that JAKARTA FAIR will be the agenda of the annual fixed and held ahead of the anniversary of Jakarta which is celebrated every June 22 and PRJ generally lasts for 30-35 days

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    Indonesia is like a big pie of internet market.